Sometimes when people think of “business,” “corporate,” “conference center,” or “government,” they think of utilitarian settings full of nice beige boxes. But what if your business event venue offered classic beauty, a central location, and all the modern amenities you need?

Why Choose the Masonic Event Center?

Our business event venue is unique, and we can make a strong business case for why it’s the perfect place for your corporate or civic event. That’s why organizations from the Illinois National Guard to the Lions and Kiwanis choose us for their major events.

Timeless Beauty

Why not choose timeless elegance? Your business event or civic gathering can take place among classic architecture and decor, leaving a great first impression and a lasting one.


Just the Right Space

No matter what the size and purpose of your business event, we have a room that is the right size and provides the right atmosphere and amenities. With us, you’ll find spaces ranging from the Crystal Room, which is perfect for gatherings from 25 to 175, to lodge rooms with theater seating, to a fully equipped auditorium. That means whether you’re expecting 12 guests or 1,200, we can accommodate them in a space that fits your needs.


Full Sound and Amenities

Each of our lodge rooms includes a sound system and ample seating. Our auditorium includes state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and an HD video projection system. All venues are adjacent to side rooms that allow you to use stage equipment as needed.


Free Access before Your Event

There’s no need to arrive at the crack of dawn to prepare your business event venue for the meeting. Many venues charge extra fees for access to your chosen space before the day of your event. We feel you should have the freedom to make the space your own, so we give you full access, free of charge, on the business day before your event.


Onsite Bar Service

Does your event need great drinks? If so, our onsite mixologist can create a custom menu to fit your needs and budget.



Whether your goal is increased community engagement or increased profit, you need to get a good value for your dollar. That’s why we strive to make our pricing not just competitive, but the best value in the region for comparable spaces.


Leave an Impression with Your Presentation

Does the Masonic Event Center seem like the right venue for your business or civic event? To learn more about the Center and the available options, simply contact us by phone at 815-365-8707, or fill out a brief contact form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a visit and answer any questions you may have.