Making your event truly special requires more than a certain amount of space at a certain time. You need the space itself to be appealing and appropriate to the purpose of the gathering with amenities, service, and maybe even a delicious meal and beverages. Here are the distinctions that make the Masonic Event Center the right place to host any gathering from 12 to 1,200.

The Timeless Elegance of a Historic Setting

A great event can be made even better when you and your guests are surrounded by the elegance of classic architecture and tasteful period decor. Built nearly a century ago, our Center is a genuine historic feature of our region and an architectural treasure. From the neoclassical columns at the front entrances to the crystal, rich woodwork and polished marble floors of our ballroom, there will be stately beauty everywhere you look.

The Right Balance

Like our Center, many venues have a distinct look and feel, but sometimes this aesthetic can assert itself in a way that makes it impossible to make a space your own. Other venues might be bland. They’re easier to put your imprint on, but they aren’t memorable or unique. Yet everything about your special event should be memorable and unique, including the surroundings.

At the Masonic Event Center, we strike a balance, giving you classic settings that will wow your guests and create great memories, while ensuring the space still serves as a “neutral palette” you can make your own.


The Right Size and Features

Your event may be for a few dozen or well over a thousand. It may be a wedding, reunion, community event, or a concert. No matter what it is, we have a room that’s the right size, has the right look, and features the right amenities. You might choose the Crystal Room, with room for 175 guests, a baby grand piano, fireplace, and gorgeous decor. Or you may decide on our lovely 8,400 square foot Ballroom for dancing, celebration, or artistic performance. Our meeting rooms are perfect for gatherings that require plenty of seating. Or if you need room for 1,200 and full stage amenities, you can put on an amazing show in our Auditorium.

Each room comes with additional amenities, such as lounges, dressing rooms, sound systems, period furniture, an ATM, a building attendant, etc. And of course, there’s wi-fi throughout the building. To learn more about specific rooms, click here for our venue profiles.


The Right Prices

You’ll find renting a Masonic Event Center venue is a great value. We strive to remain competitive on the rental fee itself, but we also give you more value for your money. If a location in our Center matches another venues on price, you’ll get more: timeless elegance, useful amenities, and excellent customer service.


Onsite Bar Service

To save you time and hassle, we work exclusively with Pub 225 (815-973-3981) to give you onsite bar service.


Free Access before Your Event

Many venues charge extra fees if you wish to decorate your chosen space the day before your event. We feel you should have the freedom to make the space your own, so we give you full access, free of charge, on the business day before your event.


Next Steps

Does the Masonic Event Center seem like a great fit for you? Contact us, so we can explore the options together. Get in touch by phone at 815-365-8707, or fill out a brief contact form. We’ll get back to you soon after.